Welcome, Friend!


I am glad you are here.

Somehow we “kindred spirits” find one another. What gives us away? Dares us to ask?
You, too? I’ve been there. I’m STILL there, sister (or brother)!
You are not weird.

You are not alone.

If you have lots of questions and not many answers, if you are searching and trying to understand, if life is messy and you are entering the chaos, welcome!

You are in good company.

If you have lots of answers and have everything figured out and tidy and under control, welcome!

Proceed with caution.

Things have a tendency to get disrupted in these parts. Oh for the days when I had my tidy answers all figured out and my life under control!

It can be painful to face the past honestly while living in the moment and looking towards the future.

It can be healing to process the past honestly while living in the moment with the hope of a brighter future.

I’ve been there.
I’m still there.

Come, join me in Composting the Heart.