Yellow Leaves

Even the hibiscus is stressed these days. The beautiful, full Easter hibiscus is dropping its yellowing leaves. It’s opening its beautiful blooms. It’s living in hibiscus tension.

A quick online search tells me hibiscus stress is fairly common. The trick is to figure out the source of the stress and then fix it. Sounds easy enough, except that it’s not.

It is either too much or not enough of just about anything that a plant could need. Sunlight. Water. Plant food. Temperature. Each hibiscus is unique. The gardener gets to figure out what causes the leaves to stop yellowing. Once that happens, she knows it’s on the road to recovery.

Figure out the source of the stress and then fix it.

If only it were that easy.

My leaves are feeling pretty yellow right now. They are looking droopy and dropping. I am tired. There is much stress. There’s too much and not enough of many things.

It’s the last day of April. I feel myself holding these final hours tightly, because once they’re gone, that means it’s May, the month of many transitions. Endings. Beginnings.

Holding tightly isn’t the answer. My head knows that. I’m struggling to trust the gardener with my yellow leaves.

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