Wrangled and Raining

It’s Sunday night as I write this. Superbowl Sunday at that.

This day has been long and challenging, and actually this season in our family life has been a long, challenging one. So much so that we made it to church this morning just in time to traipse down the far left side wall during the final before-sermon song and squish together in our usual second row.

To the casual observer this could say something about our devotion to God and to church. To what we prioritize. They can get up during the week for work and school and can’t even give God the time of day. tsk. tsk. They don’t even have babies. They should be able to get those kids out the door and to church on time.

Yes, we probably should. There are a lot of things we probably should be able to do. Feel free to leave the lists in the comments.

In our defense we were in the car waiting on our driver who gets his license tomorrow, so long as the rain holds up and temperatures don’t drop.

And waiting. And waiting. And listening to the disputes about who was sitting where and why and how unfair everything is. And waiting.

Our driver was inside tending to a nosebleed.

So we were even later than the late that I was deep breathing through.

That’s just how the day started, and it didn’t seem to improve much, save for the time I spent unconscious, napping.

We pushed through a family meeting with the four littles, because the bigs can’t be the only ones with the corner on family meeting memories. And not only that, but at the end we had to HOLD HANDS and PRAY! I didn’t mind the praying part, but I was NOT by Mom and Dad. I was between ~ and ~ who (insert gross kid habit here) and did NOT want to touch them . . .

Then it was time for the boys to hit their Super Bowl plans and the girls to remember that we always go to Grandma and Grandpa’s to watch the Super Bowl.

Not this year.

So the girls hung out for awhile before the bedtime wrangling began. Getting everyone to bed at their proper time is a huge deal. I’m sure we should be able to ~fill it in here ~ but we can’t. Not yet.

After all were in bed, but before Dad needed to leave to pick up the twelve-year-old from his event, one who could not sleep and had noticed snow falling outside came downstairs.

I see snow falling! She said in her excited, hopeful voice.

Fully aware that the weather report calls for temperatures in the upper 30’s and low 40’s overnight, I caution her that we can’t know what the morning will hold. I know her desire is for a snow day, and judging by facebook chatter, she is not the only one.

God knows what we need tomorrow, and we will trust Him to give it to us.

This is what I tell my girl, and this is what I needed to tell myself as Sunday ends and Monday dawns and whatever lies before, God knows what I need.

As it stands, all are wrangled into bed, asleep, and it sounds like it is raining from where I sit here in my corner.

2 thoughts on “Wrangled and Raining

  1. maretta

    Remind me, again, why it is that we bind ourselves and others by our “shoulds”??? Praying, now, that God would give you Himself, and that He would do so in such a way that you sense it.

    1. mommypancis Post author

      Thank you, so much, Friend. I really do not know why my shoulds run so deep. Well, I might have an idea or two. Your prayers mean more than you know. Truly.


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