Where Grace Collided With Me Today

All of my children could get in the car and clip their own seatbelts when we went to run errands.

Roo offered up going first at Dr. Bell to someone else instead of forcing the issue with a tantrum.

We survived a trip to Sharp Shopper with minimal grousing/begging for things.

There were packs of gum 4/$1. Everyone got a pack.

The water store was edgy, but Miss Joy helped me keep perspective.

The kids helped to carry groceries from the van to the house.

I got an unexpected visit from my beautiful girl and her cousin.

Tonight’s birthday party for our littlest girl cousin turned from a cake party to a pizza party, so I didn’t have to cook for the kids.

I met a neighbor across the street.

I hung out for a few minutes with a neighbor up the street while our kids played.

I went on a date with Steve to the Stephen Ministry picnic.

I saw and talked with friends and family when picking the kids up from the party.

It was a full day.

Full of grace.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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