When You’re Feeling the Heat

Heat shows up in life as stress or change or worry or fear. It can present as money trouble or marital conflict. Parenting might turn up the heat or health issues or a dog that won’t stop chewing through your leather shoes. Heat in one’s life is as unique as each individual.

Heat is a necessary part of the garden composting process and also has a place in composting the heart.

What does heat do?

In an ideal, organic world, heat takes all of the material being tossed together and accelerates the break-down process. In our fallen, human world, it reveals a need to actively do something with what is breaking down in the heart or risk exploding (with anger) or being consumed (by bitterness).

Sometimes you can choose to escape the heat. Move away from it. Allow what is in your heart to just be without activating it further. Certain seasons of life call for this route. When I was pregnant with child 8, I backed way off of situations that would bring extra heat to the refuse that was stirring around in my heart. I let it be and survived the dailies.

Other times call for active movement toward the heat to begin productive processing. My seasons of intense counseling and attending the Journey (both parts!) were heat-inducing and heart-healing. I made a choice to move towards the heat and into discomfort for the sake of breaking down the refuse which had become stuck in my heart.

Where is the heat in your life? What activates it? Are you in a season to actively engage with it or do you need to back off for awhile and just let things be?

This morning I need to engage the heat in my life by getting breakfast on the table and finding camouflage or patriotic clothing for my 4 littles to wear for day 4 of Spirit Week. I hear them clamoring down the stairs, ready for another day! Blessings on YOUR day, Friends!

“Mom, do you know where the hunting clothes are?” 

Yeah, things are warming up inside. Time to engage!




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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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