When Words Fail

I have the best of intentions. Lots of thoughts. I think, I should write that idea/phrase/word progression down. I do. Or don’t.

I have ideas of how this blog should work. I set quiet intentions for myself. Small goals. Just write, I say. Then I click onto Facebook or Instagram and scroll and troll and ponder and pine and lose time. I don’t write.

I add a title for a new post, hoping to come back to it. To be inspired. But I’m tired.

I take a picture. I’ll write about that, for sure! I think. Folders of pictures wait in my laptop. When did I take that picture of that great cappuccino? I wonder, scrolling through piles of dates. I was going to blog about it. What was I going to say, again?

I am as unorganized in my virtual life as I am in real life.

The purple paper journal holds more, these days. Where blog words fail, journal words flow. The raw. The realest of real. The place for my heart to cry out, rough and unpolished. Often journal words meander to the blog, but only after they have had time to age like fine wine.

Or maybe after I’ve had a glass or two of fine wine.

When words fail, and I’m feeling flat, I am amazed at how encouragement comes.

Tonight it came in the form of being tagged in a Facebook comment along with this amazing blogger.

A mutual friend commented on how we have encouraged her to take positive steps and make some pretty big changes in her life. Little did she know how much her words were encouraging me. Encouraging me to write. To keep going. To just do it, whatever IT is in this moment.

So, I am writing when words fail.

Thank you, Dear Friend, for stepping out and saying the words.

Often we think them. How often do we say them? Or tag them?

Tonight in the tagging, I was given a gift. A fellow warrior-princess gave me the courage to keep writing even when words fail.

And also, maybe I will try crow pose again myself one of these days. 😉

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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