What I DID Sign Up For

This week has been full of I did NOT sign up for THIS! moments. So many things, had I seen them coming, would have kept me paralyzed with fear and dread. 

What I DID sign up for was to run Chadder’s Preschool Theater for our church’s VBS.

Here’s how it went down.

I stopped by the volunteer table to offer my services in some capacity back in the spring. For the past several years I have been a Preschool Station Leader. This summer was so full that I knew I couldn’t do that job well.

No problem! (is it ever, where VBS is concerned?)

I was offered Chadder.

It seemed the perfect set up. After all, last year’s Chadder leader had shared my room, so I knew (mostly) all about it. Plus, I sat through it with my crews each day.

Here’s how it goes (I thought).

Come in after everyone leaves the Bible story. Put the DVD in the player. Introduce the video when each group of about 20-25 kids arrives. Push play. Open the little baggie containing the plastic Bible Buddy of the day and have helpers hand them to crew leaders to give to children while you do mild classroom management. Dismiss. Repeat 3 more times. Finished!

Here’s how it went.

Open an introductory email and immediately panic upon reading things like activity room this year, you are responsible for decorating your station, and have you been trained to use the video system, yet? Fire off an email expressing fears.

Be calmed by the response that the room will already be decorated like a castle for opening exercises and the video system isn’t hard to use (even though it’s contained in a large locked rolling box that comes out of a locked back closet and plugs into a grid in the back wall which hides behind a locked door? Just unlocking everything seemed complicated enough for me!)

I fell for it.

God showed up.

Here’s how.

I woke several times in the wee hours of Monday morning in a panic about the video system not working properly. I had a nightmare. When I walked into the activity room and saw the system completely set up at the capable hands of a rising high school freshman, I breathed a prayer of thanksgiving. I might have cried. He and his team made it so that I didn’t have to venture to the sound/video box area at all, except to mess it up one time.

I had an awesome assistant who assembled Bible Buddy dog tags like mad on that first day!

I have this gift for preschool crowd control that I used fully to my advantage.

I had unlimited access to my daughter’s stuffed chipmunk collection.

I had an amazing number of people surrounding me for one of the hardest days of my life.

I had a good, awful, God-ordained week, And I’m still standing. Strong.

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