What a Fool, Fool Day

Something was up this morning when I went to grab my phone on the way out the door. It wasn’t in one of it’s usual five places…dresser, key basket, coat pocket, purse, counter.

Steve dialed the number, and a nondescript vibration alerted me to its presence in the computer hutch, next to the keyboard. Interesting. Oh well.

It wasn’t until I went to dig something unrelated out of my purse and found the following items that uproarious laughter ensued.

photo (1)

Yes, that IS a toy pink flip phone and a note in my husband’s writing that reads, Sorry I misplaced your phone. Roo triumphant!

The Learning Center is devoid of tables and chairs. Okay, Kirkle. You got me! Our class enjoyed a day of working on the floor and compromising at lunch by bringing the tables in at their lowest leg setting.

I arrive at school for my 8:00 start time by 7:50 on a good day, and today was good. After unpacking my things, I leave the kids who rode with me to school and head to the upper building to pick up my charges. We walk back down to the lower building, unpack, and the kindergartners come to my classroom to play for a half-hour until their teacher arrives.

I have lots of fun toys in my classroom.

This morning, I walked the students into a room devoid of tables and chairs to a floor covered with…. DICTIONARIES!

Oh the faces!

My sweet girls, Coco and Roo, who usually get out the Imaginext toys or Rescue Heroes or at the very least, a bucket of LEGOS for the kindergartners to play with, had covered the floor with dictionaries and written a note that read as follows:

These are your toys this morning. Mrs. McClay.

There were baffled looks. One little boy earnestly said, But I don’t know HOW to play dictionaries.

To which Coco replied, Oh you can stack them like this or make paths with them . . .

To which replied, Why don’t you help me get out the Imaginext.


I got my prank in during chapel by informing the students ahead of time that NO MATTER WHAT Mr.McClay chooses for the first song, we are all going to sing, We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Note that I have NO prior knowledge of his chapel plan. (And note that I have no clue why I chose a Christmas song!)

So if Mr. McClay says, Let’s all sing “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”, WE are going to sing, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Got it?

Mr. McClay walks in, does his introductions, and then says, and I QUOTE. . .

Let’s sing “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho” . . . (If ever I doubt that we are soul mates, or at least meant to be married to each other, please remind me of this post.)

The day goes on pretty much like so.

Until the end.

I love my little pranksters who love April Fools Day, and I have chosen to embrace their antics this year.

photo_1 (1)This was found on top of the covers as we went to bed.

photo_2 (1)

And this when we pulled the covers back.

April Fools!!!!


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    1. Julie Post author

      Two years later, my turnaround time is lacking. Thank you for your kind words of affirmation. Grace is the key. I always need TONS.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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