Weekend Walk

One thing that I love about living close to downtown is that there are so many great places within walking distance.

After a lazy morning of sleeping in until 7:15, my man and I woke and had coffee, then decided to take a walk alone (courtesy of an adult child who is home for the weekend and agreed to supervise littles during their episode pick) to such a spot.

New Leaf Pastry Kitchen  was this morning’s destination. It’s where all sorts of deliciousness is prepared.

My luvvah went in to select treats, while I sat outside on a stone wall gazing at a stone fountain and grabbing some solitude. It’s hard to come by these days.

The walk home found me agitated and restless, actually dreading returning. I wanted to just walk and walk and walk and maybe even run and not look back, but alas, that is not a choice right now.

My insightful partner helped me process those feelings and longings and got the plates and fresh mugs of coffee while I sat in silence on the porch.

Then we shared the entire box of goodness.



I am learning to relax and enjoy the weekend, and, yes, it is something some people have to learn. I am grateful for such a patient partner and teacher.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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