Unwrapping the Day ~ Celebrating

I struggle to celebrate well.

Something about my birthday season, this time of year, triggers feelings of sadness. Yesterday, my word was mournful. And that’s not happy.

Yet, in kindness, God gently reminds me of His love and care. He reminds me that the life He gave me is worth celebrating. He surrounds me with people who love and care for me through cards in the mail and surprises on the porch and birthday messages left on my phone and facebook wall.

He reminds me through invitations to lunch and a date night and a daughter planning Little Mae’s 5th birthday party for tomorrow, so that I can enjoy mine today.

He reminds me while painting pottery with a daughter who will graduate high school tomorrow as we laugh, and I cry, and we remember and are quiet.

He reminds me with space and growth and old journals that He is really at work completing what was started, even in the times when I couldn’t see it happening.

He reminds me that He is in the details and has been all along.

What a day full of messy celebration, and it’s not over, yet!

I feel loved and blessed in the midst of my mess.

1 thought on “Unwrapping the Day ~ Celebrating

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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