I want to believe in a future,
in a hope that will not be cut off.
On good days and clear days, it’s easy,
In difficult seasons, it’s tough.

Envy is stirred in a heartbeat.
Discontent enters my mind.
Comparison taps on my shoulder.
Words flow out that are unkind.

I run to escape what reminds me
of all in my life that’s not fine.
I run to escape what I long to forget;
I reach for a bottle of wine.

But wisdom offers direction;
reminds me of things I’ve been told:
To hear the words of my father.
To love Mother when she is old.

So I’m holding on to wisdom.
I’m trusting a bigger plan.
When lies start to whisper, You can’t go on,
the truth reminds me I can.

~truth’s reminder from Proverbs 23~

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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