Today’s Embrace


What did that look like today?

It looked like embracing the fact that birthday parties are hard for me, and that doesn’t mean I am a terrible mom or that I suck at being a mom.

It just means that it’s hard for me to organize and run birthday parties.

So I allow myself to embrace the help of my amazing Luvvah, and I do the shopping and fix the food while he cleans up the house and executes the fun. For him it’s all about having a plan written on the marker board in the kitchen…DSCN7480For me, it’s all about embracing his help and appreciating what a great team we make.DSCN7458Him.DSCN7395Me.

And the dolls hide…DSCN7434And they party on the couch…DSCN7462And they hang out at their own table while the girls eat snacks and drink punch…DSCN7464And even though in the midst of it all there is struggle and difficulty and maybe somebody throwing up, there is beauty and joy and fun to embrace.

And I will keep pushing through until I find it!

5 thoughts on “Today’s Embrace

  1. Vickie

    I enjoy reading your blog posts. They give me a strong sense that I am not alone in some of my own struggles. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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