Tips for Hanging with a Teen Boy

One Thursday afternoon in April,I finally had some time to intentionally connect with my youngest son. In the mix of my children, the boys are all 4 years apart, meaning that I have had a teen boy in the house since 2007 and will until 2023 when this one enters his 20’s. That is 16 years of teenage boy.

Without further ado, here are my tips for hanging with a teen boy.

  1. Go somewhere where food and drink can be purchased. Allow teen to peruse the menu. Use the word peruse. Take a discreet picture of the back of his head for future blog or social media post.


2. Allow him to purchase real food, even if supper is only an hour and a half away. Add a bottle of real coke to the deal. You won’t miss the $11.00, and if you support a local business, it’s a bonus. Once you are settled at the table begin some sort of awkward conversation like, Now that you are a teenager, you may notice more of your friends beginning to brag about their escapades. Add a few of your own extra words like I did but won’t print here. Then respect the Ew, Mom, no! I’m eating. At least he knows you are aware and then bring it up later.

son eating

3. Have a device readily accessible. Don’t get offended when he plays something on it. Pull out your phone and check out the way it is blowing up with emojis.


4. Don’t react to, in fact, encourage the sprawl by joining in and sprawling on the bench yourself! Snap an under-the-table picture.

under the table

5. Remind him often of how cute he was as a little boy and make connections to current day. Laugh about memories and about how he still knows how to push your buttons as he scrolls on his device.


6. End the time together by allowing a final sprawl and gathering of energy before sending him off to his next activity. In this case, piano lesson.


7. Take a selfie to document the moment. Use it as the header for the blog post that you write later with the hopes that teen boy will authorize publication. Oh, the power.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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