Throwback to the Pumpkin Patch

Standing on the landing with your back to Fall Blessings, you face this display. It is full and cluttered, but each object is special. Meaningful.

The sister picture lives there year-round under the star, because we are super-stars. I love my kindred spirits and how they keep me grounded.

Underneath is a bowl selected at Soup Night last spring. I love the tree etched into the pottery. I wish the artist had scratched a name in the back, but it remains anonymous.

To the left is the annual family picture. I love to see it every day many times a day. Close-by lies an interesting rock, just because it fits.

To the right is a ceramic mother sheep with her babies, a gift from long ago. This captures my love for sheep and for the Good Shepherd who gently leads those who are with young, who gently led me for so many years, who continues to lead me as I grow older.

Underneath it all lies a scarf, a gift from Africa. I use this as a runner. It reminds me of the gift of community and friendship.

Propped up for the season is the pumpkin patch picture that brought on tears when I got it out.


There is always a story.

Ever so many years ago, before Aunt Bear and Uncle P were married, they took three littles to the pumpkin patch one fall. I honestly can’t remember many details from that season of life, so I am grateful for pictures.

The top picture is daughter one. The middle is son one joining her. The bottom adds precious babygirl two. Such sweetness.

I am grateful for younger siblings who have loved my children well and captured memories for me and made memories for my children when I was in a fog. These pictures are so, so precious. I love these little people who have grown into adults who continue to bless my heart.

Throwing it back! Enjoy your day.

1 thought on “Throwback to the Pumpkin Patch

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    Sweet memories you have through pictures and in your heart! Such fun to see your first three “littles” in the picture. It is amazing how life is sort of a blur when one is just starting off with a young family. But, how it gets clearer and clearer as they grow and new young ones join the picture! Life does go by fast, what are we going to do with it? You are capturing moments and reflecting on them with these new “littles” you have! Praising God for how He is directing your heart in this phase of your life through this blog! Looking forward to future posts . . . whenever they come . . . because I know that you are simply busy living each day, following His leading, as you love your family!
    By the way, I did get my fall things out . . . I didn’t find everything, but it is all there, somewhere in the crawlspace, and that is ok! I am continuing pursuing God and His plan for my life each new day!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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