Third Child of Mine

Shani and Lar

Guess which child is mine?

Today you walk across a stage and receive a piece of paper, signifying the end of your high school years. Yes, you finished your classes in January, but this is it. The official nod to completion.

I don’t know what you have learned, if you will remember any of it, or if you even care. It may be just whatever, but you have sure taught me a lot.

You taught me to trust the process. To know that everything is not about me. That there is grace.

You taught me that mistakes are made, but they don’t define you. You taught me to speak up and let things go and to struggle through the mess.

You taught me to find my singing voice again. Thank you for asking me to sing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree at your piano recital that year. You helped me to rediscover my love of singing and set me on the path to joining worship team.

You taught me to reach out for help when I was wrestling through difficult mothering places. You introduced me to new people.

You taught me to trust that the same God who didn’t lose me is big enough to keep track of you.

Whatever you do. Wherever you are. You are loved.

Thank you, Third Child of Mine. It’s been an interesting journey, this first leg. I look forward to what waits around the bend in the road.

I’m saving up quarters!


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