There’s Always an Orange Bin Lurking

I mentioned decorating for fall and dragging the orange bin from the basement. There used  to be two bins, but after purging ancient, broken, or unused decor last year, I narrowed the choices to fit into one.

I really try to love what I have and not collect unnecessary crap treasures, but it’s a fine, fine line. Old pictures or posts can trigger memories of the most amazing item that I used to have ever! that is no longer.

What if I miss it, need it later, or regret getting rid of it?

I cross those bridges when they come.

That said, I pulled this mirrored candle out from the bin and placed it tn the front entryway. I put a few other items around, as well, and then took a quick picture on my way out the door the next morning. This was last week. Don’t I look thrilled? It’s hard to concentrate on my life in the moment.

fall selfie

Not crazy about that appearance in the mirror, I took an angled picture, as well, to give a better idea of the fall effect. Here can be seen more clearly the stacked toy bins and piles of mail and the coupon books that my son needs to finish selling for band (or that we need to send in overdue money for) amidst the cozy clutter fall decorations.

fall entrywayThe toy bins have been exchanged for a mini pool table, but everything else looks pretty much the same. See the pinecone on a pedestal and one next to it (hiding behind the bins a bit) anchored by the tiny coffee cup candle to make a group of three things? That’s a decoration.

Just in case you were wondering.

So there is the front entryway in all of its fall glory. And wouldn’t you know. . .


There’s the orange bin. Yes, it is still there. I think it kind of matches.

How hard would it be to carry it down to the basement? That is the question of the hour, but all I can say is that it’s an excellent example of how behind every perfectly posed picture. . .

. . .there’s an orange bin lurking.

I think I will let it remind me of life’s imperfections a little longer.

Because my life is SO PERFECT that it’s hard to see them. Did the sarcasm ring through the all-cap-italics?

Come back later to see what lurks down the hallway. I’m sure it’s practically perfect, as well!

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