There was once a little girl…

….who was full of words.

The story is told that as a toddler she convinced a church nursery worker that she had to go potty and could go all by herself. She wasn’t potty-trained, yet. Her mom was in for a surprise at pick-up time.

This little girl spent many hours thinking and dreaming and writing things down. She organized thoughts and ideas into stories and wrestled carbon paper between sheets of typing paper to write out scripts for the plays that she coerced her younger siblings into performing. Armed with a stapler and highlighter for collating and marking parts, she was in heaven.


The Christmas that Santa (who for some reason only made stops at her grandparents’ house) brought her a Buddy L Easy Writer Typewriter, she was in heaven.

Now she could carefully sandwich a sheet of carbon paper between two sheets of typing paper, roll it all together into the typewriter, and begin producing professional-looking pieces in duplicate!

It’s probably for the best that these masterpieces exist only in her mind today. It keeps the magic alive. The idea. The dream. The possibilities.

It might be why that little girl is all grown up now with three little girls in her living room singing and organizing their Duplos into a stage where much singing and performing is happening. By Duplo animals.

It might be why that little girl is all grown up, still trying to figure out what to do with all of her words now that she is big.

2 thoughts on “There was once a little girl…

  1. Amy A.

    Aw…I would’ve played office WITH you, had we been little friends then. 😉 I love how you are putting those words into real dreams today…creating and expressing and living in the tension of not knowing where it will all go…It’s truly beautiful!!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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