The Need to Breathe

In order for bacteria and other helpful microorganisms to thrive and reduce kitchen scraps to compost, oxygen is needed. Matter that is packed tightly and compressed leaves no room for air to get to those beneficial little creatures, and the mixture begins to stink. There must be life-giving space in the rubbish pile for work to happen.

In a similar way, composting the heart requires breathing room. The constant gathering and packing down of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and stories without creating space to breathe is counter-productive. It may even produce its own version of stink in the form of anxiety, agitation, anger, panic, fear, dread, or over-thinking.

Putting the work aside and taking room to breathe is an important part of the heart composting process.

What does room to breathe look like? It is different for everyone but may include (though not be limited to) the following:

  • taking a walk
  • being still
  • talking to God
  • listening for God
  • doing anything that calms you (taking a hot shower, practicing yoga, listening to music)
  • gardening
  • reading
  • resting

What does room to breathe look like for you? How will you practice breathing today? I think that I am going to do some gardening in the literal sense. I will allow myself the space and freedom to be outdoors enjoying my landscaping and flowerpots.

I am going to refresh my soul while working in the soil.

7 thoughts on “The Need to Breathe

  1. Amy A.

    It does my own heart good, to hear you plan to refresh your heart with something that brings beauty. You are already so beautiful, and matching that with something that continues to create feels very right. I wonder if even adding a touch of Sara Groves in the surrounding atmosphere would add goodness? 😉
    I love you, friend. and I LOVE how you are fighting for your beautiful heart.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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