The Gift of These Days


I can’t see what you are doing right now. I grow anxious with thoughts of what might be rather than what is…for now. A cacophony of voices fills my head with everything from open mocking and condemnation to subtle doubt and fear. This may be…that may be…what about…

My children…you love them and are at work. But since I can’t see instantly or easily, I fear. I take on everything as fault rather than seeing work and growth and decision making by individuals.

This day, would you give me grace to let go and to experience joy with my family? To release expectation and responsibility and just accept your work in each of our lives? To embrace my husband as the love of my life and constant friend when our child~rearing days end?

Help me to enjoy these days as the gift from you that they are.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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