The Gift of Growth

It’s hard to see as a gift. Growth. Often it is awkward and painful. Who wants awkward and painful?

I was my full height in 5th grade. Awkward.

As a child I would wake in the night with severe leg cramps, and my dad would patiently rub Ben Gay into my legs. Painful. (and smelly)

So where am I experiencing this gift these days?

I’m growing into my new job.

I’m growing in letting go.

I’m growing in realistic expectations.

I’m growing in patience when I allow it.

And it is awkward and painful and sometimes (okay, often) stinks.

Where are you feeling life’s growing pains these days?

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Growth

  1. Stephanie Eriksen

    I had those middle-of-the-night leg rubbings by Dad as well!

    I’m not even sure how I’m growing these days (besides out) but I know something is happening cause it’s not the most pleasant feeling! Maybe I’m growing in the fact that we LIVE up HERE. How am I not fully grown after 4 years?


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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