The Cowbell of Crafting

To celebrate the end of our first week together, we had All About Me day in the Learning Center. It was fun to learn more about everyone and to see different personalities shine through as the students presented posters and gave oral reports on themselves.

For craft time, we upcycled (terminology has changed over the past ten years!) tin cans into pencil cups. Each student chose a favorite tissue paper color which was then Mod Podged onto the can followed by accent images selected from scrapbooking paper.

More Mod Podge! Became our mantra, leading me to comment to a fellow teacher that it’s the cowbell of crafting, and I don’t know if it’s because it was truly funny, or because it was Friday, or because there were glue vapors in the air, but we laughed and laughed, which was good, because we had quite a bit of cleanup to do afterwards.

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