I’m tempted to want the great treasure without
While missing the treasure within.

My heart isn’t cheerful.
My words aren’t kind
I lose sight of the race to win.

How do my words sound to those that I love?
I’m grieved to say hasty and loud.

My heart doesn’t ponder the wisdom to use;
instead I am angry and proud.

I long to be gentle,
to speak answers soft,
to be glad and be cheerful of face.
Be content with my little
and mix up my herbs
and stay present
to finish my race.

~a real-life exercise from Proverbs 15, as I finally type the last line at 10:15pm after an incredibly long day, week, season and lose patience with the child who asks if I have seen their heap o’ dirty clothes needed for tomorrow and is the washer available~

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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