Tearing and Breaking

Here’s what’s been happening in these parts. Lots of tearing and breaking down in order to build back up. The front porch finally came to the point where replacement was a necessity and not just a luxury to make porch sitting prettier.

It was probably close to needing replacement when we moved in, but there were scores of other projects to tackle such as bringing the electrical work up to code, waterproofing the cellar, and remodeling rooms to make them functional. There was also a new roof to install and a remodel of the bathrooms to do, and . . .

This. Old. House.

Much has been rolling through my heart and mind as I’ve witnessed this porch remodel process. Much to mull over and write about concerning the tearing down and rebuilding of a life. A heart.

Whose mother needs to fall through the porch before we move it to the top of the repair list?

I ask this question every season. Nobody’s mother fell through. It was just time.

Last week the teardown began, and this week we have a finished (for now) product. We did what we could afford this year, which was the structural part. I’m hoping for the pretty part next year.

Many people I love have tearing and breaking down going on in their lives right now. Some is easy to see. Some is not. All of it hurts and is hard.

I hope to share what I observed through the porch process to encourage you in the breaking down. Stay tuned for more to come!

In the meantime, here is some Phil Collins for you to enjoy. One of my favorites!


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