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O cast a vessel down deeply
into the well of my heart.
Help me to draw out my purpose.
To know the best place to start.

Many a vow spoken rashly
has caught my soul in a snare
It’s hard upon further reflection
to know what to process and share.

There’s a searching deep in my spirit.
It’s the lamp of the Lord seeking out
all the painful misunderstood places ~
all the hurt and the fear and the doubt.

So I’m plowing my heart- ground in autumn,
I’m keeping aloof from the strife.
I’m longing and waiting to harvest
The fruit that will come from my life.

In youth we are given our glory,
our strength that is taken away.
In old age we’re given our splendor,
The hair on our head that is gray.

Thank you for sitting with wisdom
For seeing through evil’s disguise
For waiting with me as I wait for the Lord
For helping to open my eyes.

~thoughts for a counselor from Proverbs 20~


I wrestle with a purpose
that doesn’t match my plan.

In all that’s overwhelming,
I find it hard to stand.

I’m not the wealthy,
not the poor.
I’ve deep desires.
I long for more.

And many children, full of need
To guide with words and hope they’ll heed.

Steadfast love is my desire.
Help me through this trial by fire.
Bring knowledge, patience, honesty.
With rest and wisdom, visit me.

~longings from Proverbs 19~


It’s better to eat simply in quiet,
To silence the mischievous tongue,
To let a rebuke settle deeply,
To patiently parent the young.

When you can sit in the silence,
There’s time and there’s space to receive.
Wisdom moves towards the quiet.
Abundant words cause it to leave.

In silence there’s not room to quarrel.
There are no lies to repeat.
There are no hearts to be broken
When silence and discernment meet.

~quieting thoughts from Proverbs 17~


Casting lots
Making plans
It’s the will of God that stands.

Gold and silver
are my choice.
God says to heed wisdom’s voice.

Glorious words
Sweet and kind
are like honeycomb to find.

Crowning glory
Stands of gray
Lessons learned along the way.

These things are hard.
These things are real.
They go against all that I feel.

Established plans
I long to see.
The first thing that must change is me.

~end-of-week thoughts from Proverbs 16~


I’m tempted to want the great treasure without
While missing the treasure within.

My heart isn’t cheerful.
My words aren’t kind
I lose sight of the race to win.

How do my words sound to those that I love?
I’m grieved to say hasty and loud.

My heart doesn’t ponder the wisdom to use;
instead I am angry and proud.

I long to be gentle,
to speak answers soft,
to be glad and be cheerful of face.
Be content with my little
and mix up my herbs
and stay present
to finish my race.

~a real-life exercise from Proverbs 15, as I finally type the last line at 10:15pm after an incredibly long day, week, season and lose patience with the child who asks if I have seen their heap o’ dirty clothes needed for tomorrow and is the washer available~


Profiting toil
what is that?
It’s the doing and not just the talk.
It’s fearing the Lord,
understanding and strong.
It’s patiently walking the walk.

It’s the building up of a house
where the oxen are plenty and strong,

though the manger is messy,
and chaos is loud,
and the days feel endlessly long.

It’s the flourishing within our tent,
while our hearts may be aching with grief.
It’s the moments of joy in the struggle.
It’s the laughter that brings us relief.

It’s a strong confidence that remembers
the call and commitment to care;
to offer our children a fountain of life,
to remind them we’ll always be there.

It’s the peace in the midst of the struggle.
A heart that is fully at rest.
With wisdom to guide us,
and hope to provide us
reminders of how we’ve been blessed.

~a reminder of the profit in the toil from Proverbs 14~


When you defer hope, it is hard.
You don’t see results right away.
It sickens the heart,
and it dampens the eyes,
and the heaviness seems here to stay.

But listen, my son,
Please be wise.
Hear instruction and carefully heed
the words that remind you to keep pressing on,
to be honest about what you need.

Little by little advance.
Push through the pain and the strife.
One day you will see
your desire fulfilled.
It will be like a tree of life.

Be diligent in what you do,
and your soul will be richly supplied.
And the sweetness and good
and the wisdom you gain
Will be worth all the tears you have cried.

~thoughts for a Son from Proverbs 13~


It’s tough to ignore the vexation,
the insults hurled ~
angry words.

A fruit~bearing root is
secure ~
Planted deep, so it cannot be moved.

Healing is brought through the words of the wise ~
they bind wounds that a harsh tongue inflicts.

Good words spoken
Gladden ~
Lighten an anxious heart.

They lead to a pathway of life.

~pondering Proverbs 12~


You’re astounding.
You are humble.
You are wise.

Your heart has been trustworthy.
There is kindness in your eyes.

You have studied
to give counsel
and to bless.

Your words have guided many
safely through their painful mess.

You’ve been steadfast
to speak truth and
to be kind.

You’ve often given freely
of your treasure and your time.

You are weary.
You’ve served others.
You have blessed.

You’ve come upon a season
where your own heart feels pressed.

Please be watered.
Please be cared for.
Please take time

To let your loved ones serve you
when your heart does not feel fine.

You are precious.
You have flourished.
You’ve borne fruit.

It’s time to step aside to breathe
and rest upon your route.

~inspired by Proverbs 11 and the wise women who have inspired me~