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Mindfulness on a Monday

Yes, I realize this is Tuesday.

It’s hard to be mindful on a Monday, that day of all days beginning the work week. No one enjoys rising early ~ at least I don’t~ and Monday is my early day. I pay for lack of preparedness by the scramble.

Most Mondays are filled up with activity. Work. school drop-off and pick-up, appointments, errands, choir, the day rolls from activity to activity, my mind racing ahead from one moment to the next.

Settling into work at my studio after getting everyone situated at school, I’m thwarted by a laptop that didn’t make it into the work bag and settle in to an hour of tasks that don’t require technology before leaving to finish those at my dining room table.

My unexpected return home disrupts the dog, who now needs his walk. There are library books to return, so I leash him, stuffing dog waste bags into my cardigan pocket.

I leave the phone behind intentionally, stepping out into the brilliant blue of fall. Can I inhabit this moment without rushing it? That is my question.

Focusing on the crunch of leaves underfoot and the sound of heavy machinery working on downtown construction finds me able to answer, Yes! Yes, I can!

I soar in the moment before being jerked to a halt by a dog bracing himself to do his business ~ very conspicously~ on a downtown sidewalk.

Sometimes inhabiting the moment literally stinks.

Balancing the library book bag on my shoulder, removing a cluster of green bags from sweater pocket and clumsily trying to tear off just one, squatting down to pick up the mess while holding the leash securely finds me wobbling in my ankle boots.

Looking back over my shoulder at the elderly man in his car, parked facing the sidewalk with driver’s side window down, I laugh, I hope you are enjoying this free morning show! We smile at each other as I stand and tie off the green bag. He nods. I continue walking towards the library to deposit the books.

Heading home, I reel my mind back from its frantic race ahead. There is still time left in the brilliant blue as I walk in the present.

My fitness tracker notes a pace that is slow, refusing to close its exercise ring as quickly as I would like.

I return home with an hour to spend before moving into the appointments, errands, school pick-up, choir, and evening family management part of the day. I anchor to a spot at the dining room table, open my laptop, and work.

The moments move on, and I choose to engage them with curiosity. When I am being mindful I am like a blank page hoping to be filled with words as I wait for an appointment to end.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is comfortingly crisp, its creamy goodness and spicy bite nourishing body and soul. Something about preparing food that is simple, yet complex enough to need forethought, makes this a special treat.

Unlike bananas, avocados are not perpetually present on my counter, unless I realize they can be if I choose. These days avocados appear more often. I make the choice.

When I am mindful about how I feel in my body, I notice hunger and take time to make myself this intentional snack. When I am mindless, I head to the pantry and begin foraging. The end result often involves barbecue potato chips consumed in less-than-mindful quantities.

Toasted bread, mashed ripe avocado, and swirled sriracha sauce satisfies the need for my mouth to experience crunchy, comforting carbs with a dash of heat. It fuels my body with something of substance.

This weekend my daughter asked what I wanted for lunch. I answered, Avocado toast. She made it for me. It was even more delicious than usual, prepared with love.

I have a complex relationship with food, yet I eat. Each time I answer my body’s call to hunger with mindfulness is a step of growth. Each time I respond to poor food choices with kindness and curiosity, I discover more of what lies beneath the surface of my heart.

Avocado toast brings me back.

Here’s the how-to.

  • Toast a slice of bread and put it on a small plate.
  • Cut a ripe avocado in half and mash it right in the peel. Save the other half for later. (I usually include it in lunch somehow or share with another person.)
  • Scoop the mashed avocado out of the peel onto the toasted bread. Spread it around.
  • Drizzle with sriracha sauce. My sauce of choice is Cha! by Texas Pete®

    What about you, Dear Reader? What is a comforting, kind food that you prepare for yourself? Do share!