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Sun, Moon, Whirlwind

The sun and moon stood still in the sky as your brilliant arrows flew and your glittering spear flashed. Habakkuk 3:11 (NLT)

With his own weapons, you destroyed the chief of those who rushed out like a whirlwind, thinking Israel would be easy prey. 3:14, (NLT)

Today was hard to choose. There were a lot of words in Habakkuk 3, but it came down to experiences and feelings that I had this week. Sun. Moon. Whirlwind.

On Thursday while driving my son to school we were caught between a stunning sunrise and peaceful full moonset. In that moment I remembered the same ride the year before. It was a moment that felt frozen in time, and I wanted to mark the feeling.

That is the divide on the paper. The in between.

But I was also so drawn to whirlwind. As I went back and forth, overthinking it, my youngest said, Why don’t you just do them all?

Not sure how I felt about that, I pondered it on the morning dog walk. The feeling of whirlwind was strong, and it was right in the midst of the peace I felt over the sunrise and moonset. That inspired its placement.

Here is the final page with added touches. My kids had a lot of imput like, Watch me suck the light and life right out of the room.

That statement was curious to me. I added the light at the tail, because as the whirlwind draws light in, it spreads it around on the other side.

And, yes, there were references to the digestive system, as well.

My husband looked at the page and asked if it is how I am feeling. Truthfully, yes, it is.

And I am so grateful for a place to create and process the feelings.