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It’s Good Friday, and I stand at the new desktop in my home office, which brings me eye-level with the hole in the wall, because, yes, there is a hole in the wall of this tiny room full of stories, and I think.

As I think, no words come, and I am flooded with words.

What to write about? What to say?

My work buddy is silent behind me in his cage. I have things to say about him, but I cannot say them today.

The smell of late breakfast wafts up from downstairs. That, too, is something, just not words for now.

Time ticks by, and coffee grows cold, and the feeling inside rises.

You have to do this! It’s been too long since you’ve written something! You are avoiding so hard!

And I stand.

And my fingers move over the keys.

And my mind wrangles words and themes.

Because there are things to say about this year’s mama duck that feel important.

And there are things about the new neighborhood ducks that continue to show up in unexpected places but can’t be pinned down to a single location that are curious.

And it’s Good Friday for goodness sake which holds its own story.

And it has been four weeks since the kids were out of school for an unplanned teacher work day and then didn’t go back.

At the beginning I had lofty ideas about consistent blogging like my friend, Lora, is doing so beautifully over at Storied Living. That lasted four days, or at least four posts. Check out Lora’s blog. It is so beautiful.

I thought I would grow more knowledgeable and skillful in creating useful content like my sister, Sharon, of Kintsukuroi Counseling. I have taken tiny steps but nothing big enough to blog. But go check out her content, because it is so useful.

Small, steady steps has to be enough.

Because as I watch snowflakes blow past me outside and realize the baby plants need to be covered, and I hear the dog bark furiously, indicating there is someone at the door, and lunch time draws closer, I realize that this is the new normal of my work-at-home day.

I am still trying to figure it out. It is taking shape, but there is still that hole, like the one in the wall in front of me, that sucks time and energy with the energy it takes to simply exist and be present.

That has to be enough for today.

Now what can I find to cover that hole and how is it already mid-afternoon?