Sunday Dreaming

Sunday afternoon nap dreams are delicious.

Sunday afternoon’s dream was vivid and full of symbols to look up and meanings to interpret.

To clarify, I enjoy looking up dream meanings and connecting what is going on during my waking life with what my mind downloads and processes during sleep. I dream vividly, often about current situations I face. I don’t attach mystic meanings or special dispensation or interpretation to them. I do listen to what my mind is trying to tell me when I let it relax.

It’s somewhat affirming to wake from a dream laden with obscure themes, that upon recording and looking up, ring true in reality.

It came as no surprise that my dreams were laden with symbols of obstacles, problems, and annoyances that I am learning to overcome, while other symbols of ridding myself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and negativity appeared.

Forgiveness and letting go were present, as was the need to be more goal-oriented.

Releasing burdens that are not mine to carry, facing everyday problems more effectively, and allowing myself to be cared for emotionally by those who love me manifested in my sleeping life, urging me to pay attention to these while awake.

Do you dream while sleeping? Notice any parallels between sleeping and waking life?

I find it interesting that my scheduled Bible reading for today was Genesis 28, containing Jacob’s dream of angels; Matthew 27, containing Pilate’s wife’s admonition to her husband to have nothing to do with Jesus, because she had suffered much because of him in a dream; and Acts 27, where an angel stood before Paul at night telling him that there would be no loss of life in the shipwreck that was to come. Fascinating timing, since I wrote this yesterday and was debating posting it. 


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