Still Single Digits

August is still single digits. New and fresh, the month has not yet swelled and aged into what is to come, but it’s coming.

Change is on the way.

The single digits of each month offer excitement and hope. They hold possibility. They look ahead to what is not yet here and offer a breath. A pause.

I am trying to breathe; to stay present in the single digits.

This month’s single digits offer just a little more slow down time. They remind me that the school year is not yet here, and that kids in PJs for another day is okay. They remind me to enjoy the puttering while it is still puttering season rather than borrow stress from what is coming.

Monday begins double digits and the last week of my summer before returning to work. I am spending another year in the classroom with just the right group of students. I am excited about changes that are coming. I am sad about changes that are coming.

Ambivalence much?

For now I will sit in the single digits. I will help change a guinea pig cage and visit a brand new baby in the hospital. I will hitch a ride to Roanoke to check out my son’s new apartment when he and his dad pass through with the moving trailer. I will continue to assess clothing and school supply needs for the upcoming year and check the calendar for last-minute appointments.

I will rest in the unrest. The mess.

I will savor the remaining single digits of this month.

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