Staying Present in the Too Much

Continuing on with yesterday’s theme of too much

I can only do what I am doing when I am doing it.

I am struggling with this truth today.

Looking around, I see an overwhelming amount of housework and laundry and yardwork. Even with (or should this read especially with?) children helping, it’s still too much.


That’s the point.

It’s always too much.

And within the too much, I have got to pick something and do it. Stay present in it. Focus on it. Not allow my mind to rush ahead to what isn’t and won’t get completed today.

So I will return to helping a 6 year old with her dining room chore even as I overhear her 8 year old sister say, “Ok. So I will make you a LIST.”


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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