Staying Connected

As 2017 winds down and I ponder changes on the horizon, one of the biggest is finding and working out a balance between virtual and real life connection. On the one hand, the blog’s link to social media offers a broad base of connection with readers. It gives opportunity for liking and sharing. On the other, it provides too many windows for me to look through, inviting much distraction.

Many times I have considered deactivating my personal Facebook account but then hesitated due to the prospect of losing that connection with readers. There is some tidying I plan to do in the new year, but I am not sure exactly how it will look. I am fairly confident it will involve rearranging social media.

That said, if you wish to stay in the blog loop and have not done so already, please consider signing up to receive email notifications of new posts. Should I do some deleting and shifting and moving, I would love to have you along for the ride. I at least want to have given you fair warning.

This April will mark five years since the beginning. My blog, like other parts of my story, is evolving and finding its place in the world. I am looking at where it has been and where it is to see where it might be going.

I feel grateful for those of you who already faithfully read and encourage me to keep writing. I am grateful to those of you who like and follow the Facebook Page. From the beginning, I have wanted this to be a place where people choose to come and read and be met right where they are.

I am thankful for all of you who have done just that.

So as you read and engage and ponder your own changes coming into the new year, consider how you may want to stay connected, and know that I value each of you and what you bring to my cyber, and real, life.

Blessings, Friends!

5 thoughts on “Staying Connected

  1. Melanye Rea Wrighton

    Julie, I’ve been a “fan” since your writings on Proverbs. I have followed your adventures with awe and joy! You are a brave and vivacious young woman, gleaning much from the opportunities you have boldly taken. When you entered the fray of The Allender Center’s Lay Certificate Training, it encouraged me, “maybe I could do that, too, someday”! I hope to continue enjoying access to your ponderings as I often take them to heart and let them urge me onward and upward, even at age 64! Don’t give up one minute before the miracle happens, Julie. You likely mentor many of us along the way and don’t even know it…yet! Blessings of Christmastide and the new year to come, dear woman.

    1. Julie Post author

      Melanye, I am both humbled and inspired by your words here. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. Thank you for the reminder to keep pressing onward and upward and for being along with me on the journey. I am so glad to finally “meet” you. I am excited to see what is coming up around the bend in the road. For both of us! Every Blessing!

  2. Marilyn Frazee

    Hi Julie!

    I continue being in my love/hate relationship with facebook. Thinking of stopping it for this year and see how life goes!
    May just need to consult my savvy children to learn what my options are! Lol

    Not sure what to think about what you are asking other than notify me through my email and I can stay connected. Even if I stop facebook, right? I enjoy your thoughts and get challenged to think deeper.

    I appreciate your life and am thankful to be a part of it!

    Looking forward to what God continues doing in both of our lives!

    I love you!
    Aunt Marilyn

    1. Julie Post author

      You already follow the blog and get an email when I post new writing, so you are good to go! You know where to find me, and I’m so glad you visit often. Much love to you as you enter the new year.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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