Static Christmas Tree

The tree stands in the living room, glowing with white and colored lights. Four ornament boxes brought up from the basement, one for each child still living at home, wait to be unpacked by their owners.

Each person puts their ornaments on as the spirit leads. There is no rhyme or reason and certainly no ceremony surrounding the process. In a few days I will carry the empty boxes back to the basement.

Checking in with my youngest, I ask about her decorating status.

Have you hung your ornaments on the tree, yet?

Yes! All except the stuffed animal ones. I am not hanging those up this year.

She has quite an assortment of Beanie Baby mini ornaments and other holiday stuffed animals that she hangs on the tree each year. I am surprised by this news.

What? But you always hang your stuffed ornaments on the tree! You play with them in the Christmas tree.

Not anymore.

And just like that, Friends, is the end of yet another era. There is no more playing in the Christmas tree.

But the Hello Kitty ornaments made the cut and still hang in their row.

Time marches on, Mamas! One day those ornaments will stay put and the tree will no longer be a working document. It will remain static for the season. That day came for me today.

4 thoughts on “Static Christmas Tree

  1. Barbara

    Julie – I LOVE the fact that your children have their own box of ornaments to place on the tree each year. That is such a neat tradition. Ah, yes, time marches on. Our children are grown and have children of their own. I trim the tree alone – husband too busy. Some years the nostalgia is almost painful, this year it was not. It felt good remembering – taking steps back in time as I remembered each child, now grown, trips we’d taken, our first Christmas as a couple, etc. I hope you will feel joy mixed with the sadness as you watch your fledglings grow and get ready to fly.

  2. Julie Post author

    I am glad you had space to remember this year and that the nostalgia was not painful. I am sure your tree holds many stories. Don’t all of ours? I do feel the joy as new memories and traditions are forged while old ones are remembered with fondness. Blessings on your season, Dear Friend!

  3. maretta

    I, too, love the fact that your children have a box of their own ornaments that they hang. I also love the fact that your tree was “played in”. What fun and happy memories for your children.


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