Spinning a Yarn (pumpkin)

Last fall, this teacher mama made yarn apples with her class on Apple Fun Day. They were such a hit, that she got the idea to use orange yarn and make pumpkins, except it wasn’t very original. There were tons of them already on Pinterest (I just looked it up to see how original I was being.)

Do any of us have original ideas when there is nothing new under the sun?

Is the pinner the winner?

Nonetheless, last fall was the season of yarn crafts, and those orange pumpkins got tossed into the orange bin. When I discovered them this fall, it was like greeting old friends as I dumped artfully arranged them into my lone surviving Southern Living at Home Kensington hurricane candle holder. 

Placed on the dining room mantle that I know you are eager to see, they make me smile with the memories they hold.

Stay tuned for those mantles. I have two to decorate for fall. Be jealous. Be very jealous. And be prepared to cringe in horror when you realize that this precious gift has been bestowed upon an amateur with five kids still living at home.

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