Spending Time

It’s Siblings Weekend at George Mason.

We drove Kieran up to spend time with Caleb and decided to spend time with the four littles making a memory in Washington, DC.

I think we succeeded. A Metro ride, bus transfer, museum explore, picnic on the mall, and return trip later, our hearts and minds were full.

No one lost their ticket or their purple or got lost or fell onto the tracks.

No one peed their pants for lack of a close restroom or starved or dehydrated.

No one fell up or down an escalator or escalated a fit into a tantrum or broke skin while biting another.

No one pushed a stroller, though several of Mommy’s triggers were pushed.

We ended the day with a sleepover at Uncle Greg and Aunt Ade’s, adults laughing over their own memories late into the night.

Mission accomplished.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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