Snowy Paths

Not my favorite.

There. I said it.

I’m talking about snow and snow days.

Some people love snow and snow days and the excitement that they bring.

I dread snow and snow days and the disruption and chaos that they bring.

I’m not exactly sure how this came about. There are some fond snow day memories from childhood.

Dad tying a rope to our saucer sled and running us up and down the “hill” in our postage-stamp city backyard, Mom fixing hot cocoa in a pot on the stove to eat with peanut butter sandwiches, putting feet in breadbags before sliding them into boots…why was that again?

There are tragic snow day memories.

I am almost positive that the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster happened on a snow day. I remember being home watching it, but my memory could be wrong here. Does anyone else remember snow that day? Being home with a bunch of kids? Anyone?

My son was born at home (planned) during a blizzard (unexpected) that closed Good Shepherd (first time ever).

That is a happy snow day memory!

Whatever it is, snow days are just hard for me. And that’s okay. We all have hard things in our lives.

It can feel discouraging, though, when one of your hard things is something so many people love.

The past two days have been stay-home days for me and the kids due to weather. And, guess what, They haven’t been horrible.

There have been bumpy transitions between activities and a fiasco involving a lost mitten bin, but overall, the days were not bad.

Seriously, though, if anyone has a CLUE about where the hat and mitten bin disappeared to, please send it my way. I am thankful for mismatched gloves and mittens that fell into the snowpants bin last season and could be fished out!

Some things that I want to remember about these days through the eyes of my youngest boy-child. Quoted at various times throughout the day…

It’s nice to just have time to relax.

This is so relaxing. Isn’t it nice to just have time to relax?

It’s nice to have time to relax. You have extra time to do things like make good food (said as I was prepping vegetables and venison to put in the crock-pot for venison stew this morning, and I think the emphasis was on good).

I love the way the food smells.

Yes, so this has been a really good day. We have had time to play and do media and rest. It was really relaxing. You need that sometimes.

Yes, you do. And I am learning. Slowly.


Peanut butter toast and hot cocoa anyone? Yes, there is a reason the sandwich is prepared that way. Child 5’s recipe. Stay warm!


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