Small Spaces

Redemption comes in strange places, small spaces, calling out the best of who we are.
And I want to add to the beauty . . .
Sara Groves

There’s a small space on my bathroom sink corner. Yes. I have my own bathroom sink. It is a small space in this big house that is all mine, and that I try not to take it for granted.

Unfortunately, I take many gifts in my life for granted. Like the “bonus” master bathroom that Steve had put in for us when we did a necessary house remodel several years ago. The contractor suggested a double sink. I had not considered one. I’m so glad he suggested it!

It’s in small spaces like this, in the midst of the large chaotic ones, that I enjoy adding to the beauty.

It’s adding daisies and lavender from the yard to an empty Trader Joe’s sea salt jar. It makes me smile. So does the tiny succulent.

It’s not saying that my life is perfect today and all of my issues have been resolved. It’s not even saying that the rest of the bathroom is clean!

It’s continuing to fight forward and find small graces in small spaces.

It’s where redemption comes.

2 thoughts on “Small Spaces

  1. Stephanie Eriksen

    I love this!!! I tried to add to the beauty around here by placing flowers in mason jars, that were sent home with me from a bridal shower, around our apartment. One on our kitchen table, one in our living room, and one in our bathroom. No, the rest of the place didn’t get a scrub down before placing the flowers, but I’m trying to let things go.

    Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to make our corners beautiful!

    1. Julie

      It’s fun to recognize those beautiful or potentially beautiful spaces and to let our gaze fall there in the chaos. Would love to see pictures of your flowers!


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