Small Happy Space

Though spring break was full of challenges, one thing I did in the midst of it was to create a small happy space. It was a moment I grabbed just for me.

First I gathered supplies ~ a repurposed terrarium, small plants, small stones and spring figures. The plants and tiny clay carrot, lettuce, and worm were purchased. The rest I already had.


I cleaned out the terrarium and re-layered the rocks and pebbles, adding fresh soil. Then I planted the small plants and arranged the rocks and figures.


I placed it in the front entryway to enjoy and sniff spring. I’m not sure if it will last or thrive, but for now it offers me smiles in a small space and also a place for the tiny animals to live.


Here are some up-close views through the glass ~


The bunny was a Mother’s Day gift painted by Coco several years ago. The little carrot and blue worm are made from clay. You can see a squirrel in the background that was a gift from Roo last fall.


Here is a little bunny getting ready to grab some lettuce. Yum!

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