Six Days

Six days you shall labor and do all your work.

This mantra flowed through my head today as I worked with the family to activate the reset switch in our home. Helping the children through their chores while staying motivated through mine isn’t easy. Catching up on all that goes undone during the week is a challenge.

Six days.

It was a grace that steady, soaking rain called off soccer today, leaving us with a morning at home to clean and declutter. Steve and I took turns dividing and conquering the various areas of our house. We can each only be one place at a time.

I spent time upstairs sorting through girls’ rooms and helping them change beds. I took a phone call. I tackled the laundry room. He spent time downstairs pushing through the living and dining room and kitchen, supervising the ones who had those chores.

Six days.

The days are long. They flow into each other, becoming weeks. We move in and through and out of them into the next and the one after that. Children are growing. Life is changing.

Six days.

I am ready for the seventh.

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