Season of Storm

It has been a rainy summer here in the Valley.
Walking outside after a particularly stormy day, I found my petunias looking rather downcast. They had suffered a heavy blow by the pelting rain and gusting wind and didn’t have it in them to lift their beautiful faces.

Beaten down

Some time passed, and I went out to check on the state of their bloom. It seemed that they were feeling a bit more hopeful. The sun had been shining on them to warm their petals and dry their stems, and they were gathering strength from that. Their faces began to lift, ever so hesitantly.


Offering them a longer span of time before rushing out to see if they were feeling all better, I once again took a trip to their bed to see how their faces were faring. This time I was met with vibrant colors and beautiful openness. It seemed that they looked even more beautiful than they had before the raging storm came.


 I wonder how your face is faring? Where are you in your cycle of bloom? Have you been or are you being beaten down by a raging storm? Are you coming out of a season of storminess? Are you experiencing the healing warmth of the sun offering renewed strength after a particularly rough season? What do you need to hear today? Take some time to stop and listen.

3 thoughts on “Season of Storm

  1. danaronan

    This is such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing. Definitely gave me something to think about today. I hope all is well and that you are SHINING HAPPILY in some sun!

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