Saturday Life

I wake to my Saturday life.

I don’t appreciate this as much when the weeks aren’t chaotic and full of changes as they have been, lately.

Boys rustle and scuffle around trying to get out the door to be in Richmond by nine. Girls begin picking episodes.


Oatmeal, promised to a little squinch for Saturday’s breakfast, flows into a pot of boiling water. It is the steel-cut variety, so time is involved.

Must not forget to stir.

I open my Bible to the daily reading and pause. My heart is struggling these days, but I continue to try. God speaks to the chaos, reminds me of truth.


Sunny bird receives fresh water and a scoop of seeds, warbling her thanks. Zephyr cat reminds me that she needs food, as well, and I comply. Soon people will need to be fed.

Where was I?

Oh yes, back under the covers with a bowl of hot oats and a cup of hot coffee and a book and a little more time remaining on the episode pick.


1 thought on “Saturday Life

  1. Stephanie

    Enjoy your moments in your bed with your oats and your book on this Saturday! Embracing each day for what it is can be tricky, but is a beautiful thing!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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