Rolling Dimes

It was time to roll the dimes. A certificate payment deadline loomed close, and while there were funds in the account, the numbers ran tight.

This season of being at home feels like a luxury item, one that I am trying to steward well. I am not actively bringing in funds from a job, though I am working hard to help manage those brought home by my hard-working partner.

He reminds me we are a team, and I believe that.

Dumping some of the dimes from the two-liter Coke bottle onto the floor, I began grouping them by tens to roll in bundles of fifty. Each roll held five dollars worth, and by the end I had fourteen rolls. That gave me $70 to deposit in the account. Every little bit helps.

More than the $70 was the tangible reminder that 700 times I felt seen. Each dime appeared in a random place when I most needed the encouragement of provision.

My banker friends might appreciate and eye-roll over the drive-through blunder I made at the window the afternoon I took them to the bank. As the drawer slid out, I placed a gallon Ziploc bag with fourteen rolls of dimes in it. Is it okay if I deposit these here in the drive-thru?

The teller graciously nodded as she pulled the drawer shut. I scanned the window while waiting, and my eyes landed on a red sign lettered in white No baggies or rolled coins in the drive-thru. Little Mae’s landed on the jar of dog treats.

Can we bring Dewey next time?!!!!

Waving frantically to get the teller’s attention I pointed at the sign and mouthed, I’m so sorry! 

She responded that it was okay, and I asked if she had told me to come inside. She hadn’t. Then she asked if I needed a balance for the account. I didn’t. Sending two blue lollipops out to me and Mae, she sent us on our way.

I will be sure to go in the lobby next time! I am already on the lookout for more dimes to roll.

2 thoughts on “Rolling Dimes

  1. Iris Nauman

    My Momma had a lot of “little old lady” sayings. I think they were common as she was a young girl. Your post reminded me of one she said often. “Every little bit counts said the old lady as she peed in the ocean”. . Another one was “To each his own, said the old lady as she kissed the cow.” I sure miss my Momma. I so look forward to your words. Thank you.

    1. Julie Post author

      I love this. Thank you for sharing. My children would call them “Baabish” sayings. They call me “Baab” and anything I do that they find “old lady” is “baabish”. Sigh. Your mom sounds like a funny, special lady. I have not faced that loss, yet. I would love to grab coffee or tea one day and hear about her. Thank you for your supportive kindness and for reading my words. I am blessed.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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