It was a sweet time and not long enough.

It’s never long enough.

But it was a gift.

The gift of space. Of rest.

It was a hard time coming. My turn around time is slow, and my plan to arrive at noon was delayed by five hours.

I arrived at five.

guest room

My parents graciously opened their guest room so that I could have space away from my home responsibilities.


This lovely tray greeted me with all kinds of treats.

I put down my suitcase and set a timer to just rest. To be.

It was wonderful.

Dinner with my mom and dad. Laughter and memories. Then space to adjourn to my room upstairs with no expectations other than those that I place on myself.

They are too many!

I lit a candle and put up my feet and did nothing.

I rested.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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