Removing and Bracing

Rebuilding takes hard work and time. It often takes things getting worse and rearranged and becoming unrecognizable before positive change is noticed.

It’s like that in the physical world of rebuilding objects. It’s like that in the medical world of rebuilding health. It’s like that in the emotional world of rebuilding hearts and relationships.

Once the decision to take steps to fix the known porch problem was made, we were able to start some of the work ourselves. We began the tearing down.

Tearing down is something we all do well in many areas of our life. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much tearing down is happening until things become distorted to us and those we love.

Once the porch railings were removed, passers-by could see all that we tried to conceal behind them and all that needed to be removed to another location during the rebuilding process.


The wicker furniture was carried out back to create a different seating group for a season.

The usable objects weren’t discarded, just relocated for awhile. Sometimes relocation needs to happen while the foundation is being rebuilt. Just because there is conflict or difficulty or relational pain to address doesn’t mean all is lost. Sometimes we need to step away to make some space. Sometimes we need to be removed from a situation for a time of healing.

The broken, rotted materials that no longer served us were collected in a pile to be discarded.

We all have broken and rotted materials to discard! Some are obvious. Others, not so much.


Once we did what we could on our own, it was time to call in the professionals.

Sometimes we can handle relational conflicts and brokenness ourselves. Sometimes we can drink herbal tea to ease our stomach pain or calm an aching throat. But when the conflict is chronic and the stomach or throat pain increases, then it’s time to get help from those who are trained to know what symptoms to look for, what is wrong, and what steps to take to recover from the damage.


Our team of professionals had dropped by the support beams to let us know they were there when we were ready. After removing most of the rail ourselves, we realized that we needed help to finish.

It’s good to know that help is there, waiting in the wings, ready for the asking. 

And so it began. Help arrived to finish the teardown and bolster support to the existing structure before removing the rotting support system and replacing it with something solid.

It’s not wrong to need help. It is human to need help. And when the pressure grows so great as to weaken a person’s structure, whether physical, emotional, or relational, it’s vital to ask for and receive the offers of help that are given. It’s vital to trust that there are those who know what they are doing and who care enough to offer support during the teardown to avoid further catastrophe.


At the end of the day, there were wooden beams replacing the columns and the porch space was cleared for some serious demolition.

fully supportedIn some ways this made our house look better already. It showed that we knew there was work that needed to be done and that we were taking the necessary steps to complete it. It wasn’t pretty, yet, but it was a prettier, more honest look at what was going on with our porch.

When in a physical, medical, or emotional crisis, there can be beauty in facing honestly what is happening rather than pretending that all is fine and business as usual. Things can actually begin to look better, even in the worse.

There’s more to come. . .

Always more.


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