Remembering Past and Present

Remember the time
after a day at the beach
sun poisoning struck?

We still had three days
left of family vacation
and you were so sick?

You pulled the trailer
and hit a gull on the bridge to
Kiptopeke State Park.

There was no wireless
and Pizza Hut was miles away
but we stuck it out.

Somehow we made it.
We always seem to survive
the crazy chaos.

Today I jumped waves
and took a nap in the sun.
I played on the beach.

Nobody was lost
or needed a diaper change
or tried to eat sand.

The ice cream was good
and I didn’t stress out much
when ordering it.

Today I noticed
that everyone keeps growing
which is good and strange.

Today I realized
there are things to figure out
and one day I might.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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