Remembering Grampy

My Grammy is in town for a few weeks (when this post was written), and this Memorial Day has me remembering when her husband, Grampy, died. He didn’t die in combat of the military sort, though he was a veteran. He died combating what we all do; the effects of living in brokenness. He fought the fight until the end.

I wrote the following poem and read it at his memorial service.

We serve a God who doesn’t change, though many times we do.
e serve a God who comes to us, whose promises are true.

He calls to those so weary, Come, I will give you rest.
Take on my yoke and learn of me, for I know what is best.

And through God’s eyes, what’s best for us, may often cause us pain.
How comforting ~ how good to know ~ that God’s ways stay the same.

Our time on earth is fleeting ~ of happiness and tears.
God in His mercy gives one chance, we can’t take back the years.

We can’t go back to say once more, I love you ~ go away!
What is it you want THIS time? Yes, I’m going to stay.

Do you have to file the trash? No, I don’t have any cash.
Yes, I’ll stay by you tonight. Are you looking for a fight?

Must you watch that show right now? I can’t work this, do you know how?
I’m going out, but I’ll be back. Will you let me fix a snack?

I love you ~ you are my friend. Yes, I’ll be here in the end.
Please come back, I miss you so. My heart aches ~ why did you go?

And there is so much more to feel.
The pain ~ it hurts. The tears ~ they’re real.

And yet, it’s in our darkest hour, when we are feeling tense and sour,
And wanting to be left alone, and wondering, Can we go on?

God comes to us and holds us close, surrounds us with His love.
Just take a look around to see His angels from above.

They’re friends and loved ones holding us, in this time we feel forlorn.
Comforting and loving us, and helping us to mourn.

And in this time of sorrow, of emptiness and grief,
How comforting it is to know that Jesus brings relief.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Grampy

  1. Stephanie

    This is beautiful. What a life he lived. Thanks for those words and the memories they brought. Enjoy time with Grammy!

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