Remember the time?

This is a post from The Compost Pile, my personal blog, written two years ago in the spring of 2013. I’m sharing it just for fun.


We went to the Baltimore Aquarium today.

Steve and I accompanied 3 of our children with their class from Good Shepherd. My brother drove with his sons, so we were able to ride along with him.

I had never been before. It is costly and a bit far away, but our children’s teacher organized a fund raiser that paid for every child plus a parent. That enabled us to go to chaperone and enjoy the day together.

The hardest thing for me was switching from a teacher/in charge role to parent. I felt crushing over-responsibility at times, but Steve was great about giving me space when those moments overcame me.


It was fun to enjoy Roo by herself at the dolphin tank or to sit with Coco in the 4D movie. It was a milestone not to be distracted by a baby or toddler.


I enjoyed having my brother there, as well. We are so similar and have fun just being together. Best line of the day was his as we were walking to the parking garage to get the bag lunches, and he commented that we could just “duck into PF Changs” to eat first.

It was a long day but worth it.

We still got pizza and watched a family night movie. Katie arrived home as it was ending. The little girls were sure to show her the stuffed penguins they got.

Kieran said, “Katie, remember when they took US to the aquarium?” She looked perplexed until he answered his own question.

“Oh yeah, they didn’t.”

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