Recovering, Rebuilding, Restoring

After all of the tearing down and exposing of what was underneath our old porch floor and removing the debris, it was time to recover, rebuild, and restore.

This is what it’s like after you experience the excruciating tearing down of your heart, or body, or soul. Rock bottom hits, and there is nowhere to go but up. Everything feels broken and unusable, and then help comes and recovery begins.

New boards were brought in to replace the old, rotting ones.

Like new thoughts, ideas, medicine brought in to replace the old diseased ones and add strength to the newly bolstered framework, these new boards covered what was underneath with integrity.

new wood

The planks were expertly placed, time taken to make sure the work was done correctly and well. The corners were painstakingly measured and matched, creating a lovely, finished look.

Time. It takes time to do anything correctly and well, and heart work is no exception. When you choose (or have no choice) to engage the healing, it doesn’t happen overnight. The process takes time. It might even take extra time to make up for the season of denial about whatever it is you were unwilling/unable to face


The extra time spent made the work even more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

If you look closely at the picture below, there is a little piece of the corner waiting to be finished. Sometimes within the waiting, there is waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. And measuring and cutting and throwing away.

turning a corner

After the floorboards were placed and the surface rebuilt, it was time to stain and seal the wood, restoring the look of a finished porch. This part of the job could be done ourselves, and so on a particularly sunny afternoon, Steve began.

After working with experts who know how to handle the major structural overhaul of a heart, body, or soul (therapists, doctors, ministers), finishing touches can be returned to be handled alone or in community with family and friends. With the proper tools and support in place, this isn’t just glossing over a problem. It is actively participating in the constructive and reconstructive process.


Areas were taped off so as not to get stain slopped on them, and little helpers emerged to help.


Half of the porch was finished and allowed to dry for the required 24 hours before replacing the furniture.

porch sitting

Then it rained. A lot.

It rained so much, that there was a delay in finishing the other side of the porch. That half remained taped off for days. Would this project ever be finished?


Sometimes in the middle of your sincere work and best efforts, the rain comes. And comes. And doesn’t stop coming long enough to give you a 48 hour window in which to work. When that happens, all you can do is sit in the place of progress and hold onto hope that the work that has been started WILL be completed.


It takes time to recover, rebuild, and restore.


4 thoughts on “Recovering, Rebuilding, Restoring

  1. Maretta

    These porch/heart posts are especially meaningful. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging us alone the way. You are loved. Muchly.

  2. Stephanie Eriksen

    The porch is GORGEOUS already!! I can’t wait to see it in person in December.
    Love you, and love your words.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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