There was once a little girl who loved to play Memory, and a mom who sat on the floor with her and played the game. The little girl loved to watch her mom line up the cards in neat rows and balance on her hand while leaning over to reach for a far-away piece. The little girl loved to win.

There was once a mom who was probably very overwhelmed with life but who took time to play games with her little girl. Maybe it was only once, maybe everyday, but the little girl remembered those moments fondly as she grew up, especially when she was able to remember where things were in her own house, which seemed to be a giant Memory game in itself. (black glove under the basement steps, black glove in the sock basket….MATCH! Purple croc under the girls’ bunk bed, purple croc under the couch…MATCH!)

The mom was my mom and the little girl was me.

This morning Little Mae wanted to play a game and chose Remembery, her name for Memory.

In a moment of good mothering, I agreed, so we sat around the table, Little Mae, Roo, and big brother, and played game one. Big brother won, followed by Little Mae, me, then Roo.

My kids have good memories! Like that the cell phone was one of the coveted matches…back in 2007, this flip-phone was cutting-edge, I’m sure!


Brother sat out of game two which allowed Roo who never wins anything to school us all in the game. She ended up with 19 matches, Mae found 11, and I brought up the rear with 4 hard-earned ones, including the coveted cheese.

And we made a memory.

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