Prayer for my Heart


My heart is overwhelmed within me, and I want to be led to that higher rock. The one that has all things under control and authority. Even those that lurk in the shadows.

I am weighed down on every side by grief and pain. I am agonizing about situations out of my hands. Will you take them from me?

Will you help me to believe all things work together? To see that in the midst of the chaos there is hope?

Help me to quit running through what ifs and if onlys in my mind and to believe what is will be.

You are.

You are mighty, powerful, strong, just, true, compassionate, light, peace, hope; all of the things that I need in my life.

Help me to breathe.

To drink deeply of the grace that you offer freely. To lay down my self-imposed yoke and pick up your easy burden.

Please give me freedom in my spirit, peace in my soul, joy in my heart.

Would you finish the work that you started? You took a long time to work in my life and open my eyes. Please grant me faith that you are working in the lives of my children.

I am afraid when I can’t see immediate growth. I am afraid of the turmoil that lurks beneath the surface. I am afraid to trust you. To let go.

Please hold me up. Don’t let me sink!

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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