Perfect Storm

This house is full of feelings. Strong, strong feelings.

How could it not be when the last week of school is upon four young children and preparations for a program are being made and the youngest is graduating from kindergarten and getting lots of attention and the eldest is marrying Saturday and getting lots of attention?

The in-betweens are feeling squeezed and with the squeezing comes the hurt and with the hurt comes the anger, and it is overwhelming and intense.

Add to that a hefty dose of parental heart trauma as old grief is fresh and re-visited while new grief presents, and you have the makings of a perfect emotional storm.

It blew through our house at about 10:13 last night.

After the wonderful performances at the program, after the cousin time at Grandma’s, before Mom and Dad could relax with a cup of tea.

All hell broke loose feels like an understatement, though please hear my heart that I am not trying to minimize hell.

It was bad.

I’m encouraged by our growth, my luvvah and I, in that we didn’t engage the anger and didn’t respond with our own. We didn’t try to control it or fix it, we just tried to love through and stay present and get everyone put to bed.

Then we drank tea, and a new day dawned.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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